Adding reservations

Use this method to add your own user identities to an existing user segment that requires reservations.

  1. Obtain the Reservation API URL for your segment
  2. Add an empty &add= parameter
  3. To add a single identity: add the items URL parameter with the needed identity. e.g.:
  4. To add multiple identities: add the items URL array parameter with multiple identities, e.g.:

Full URL example:[]=123abc&items[]=456def


Possible responses are all a JSON structure:

  • Upon success:
    { "result": <number of identities added> }
    Note: it is possible for the returned number of identities to be lower than the actual number of elements in the items array parameter, when either some of the identities already exist in the segment or when the segment already contains 10M identities - the maximum number of identities allowed per segment. A value of zero means no new identities were added, and is not considered an error.

  • If the specified segment is not set to require reservations:
    { "error": { "message": "INVALID_USER_SEGMENT" } }

  • If the URL is malformed or is missing the items parameter
    { "error": { "message": "INVALID_REQUEST" } }

  • If the Reservation API URL's app_key parameter is invalid:
    { "error": { "message": "ACCESS_DENIED" } }


  • For segments with a Device lookup mode, added identities are case-insensitive and delimiter-insensitive. For example: a device identity of "ABCD-1234" is identical to "abcd-1234" and to "abcd1234"
  • For segments with any other lookup mode including Custom mode, added identities are considered duplicate only if they have exactly the same characters in the same order. For example: a player identity of "ABCD-1234" is not identical to "abcd-1234" nor to "abcd1234"



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