Generating new identities

Use this method to have TROPHiT auto-generate unique identities for an existing user segment that requires reservations and uses either the Prereg or Custom lookup modes

  1. Obtain the Reservation API URL for your segment
  2. Add an empty &generate= parameter
  3. Add a &count=<number of IDs to generate>
    If count is omitted, the default is 1. The maximum value per request is 1000.

Full URL example:


Possible responses are all a JSON structure:

  • Upon success, returns the generated IDs:
    { "result": ["id1", "id2", ...] }
    Note: it is possible for the returned number of identities to be lower than the actual number requested in the count parameter, when count exceeds its maximum value or when the segment already contains 10M identities - the maximum number allowed per segment. This is not considered an error.

  • If the specified segment is not set to require reservations:
    { "error": { "message": "INVALID_USER_SEGMENT" } }

  • If the specified segment does not have a Pre-reg or Custom lookup mode
    { "error": { "message": "INVALID_LOOKUP_MODE" } }

  • If the URL is malformed or is missing the needed parameters
    { "error": { "message": "INVALID_REQUEST" } }

  • If the Reservation API URL's app_key parameter is invalid:
    { "error": { "message": "ACCESS_DENIED" } }



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