Vouchers that are associated to user segments which require reservations, are only redeemable by users whose identities are predefined within the segment. If the user's specific identity is not listed within the segment or cannot be determined during redemption, that user will not be able to redeem the voucher. The meaning of "identity" is determined by the segment's identity lookup mode, be it the user's player ID, device ID or some other custom attribute.

You configure a segment to require (or not require) reservations in its Settings page:

Once enabled, there are several methods to update a segment's list of reservations:

  • Autofeed (currently for AppsFlyer customers only): configure your tracker to automatically add new user identities to a segment upon a certain event. For example, purchase-events can be used to add player IDs or device IDs to the Buyers segment. To enable Autofeed, follow the Autofeed instructions on your segment's Settings page:

    Note: Autofeed is triggered by in-app events, it cannot automatically receive and process events that occurred in the past. Use the Reservation API or the Manual Update methods to add identities that are related to past events

  • Reservation API: programatically add user identities - existing ones or new ones. Check out the Reservation API reference for details.

  • Manual Update: contact your account manager to manually extract, add, remove or update identities


  • If reservations have been added to a segment which was later set to not require reservations, all reservations will be preserved, however, no new reservations can be added to the segment until it is set to require reservations again.


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