Associating Vouchers with Segments

You can change the segment to which a voucher is associated in your voucher's Settings page. By default, vouchers are associated to the Anyone segment, which basically tells TROPHiT "the common way to identify any user". Learn more about user segments.

The segment name appears with the lookup mode (player, device, prereg, custom) and whether it requires reservation (key icon) next to it:


You can either choose to apply a voucher to:

  • Users in a certain segment, including ones that do not require reservations, like the Anyone segment. If the segment does not require reservations, the user will be identified by the identity lookup configuration of the segment, e.g. by player ID, device ID and so on. If the segment requires reservation, it will not only identify the user but also verify the identity is reserved by the segment. Learn more about how to add a reservation for a user

  • Users that are NOT in a certain segment. In this case, however, you can only choose segments that require reservations. During redemption, TROPHiT will identify the user and ensure it is NOT in the list of reserved user identities of the segment. For example, "all users who are NOT in the Buyers segment".



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