User Identities and Identity Lookup

An important concept of User Segments is that of the user identity: depending on the activity at hand, a user might need to be identified by their app-specific user ID, their global device ID or by some other unique attribute.

Understanding how to lookup the identity from attribution data for each tracker might be a daunting task. Therefore, TROPHiT provides a few out-of-the-box identity lookup configurations for each supported tracker, to easily identify users for some common purposes:

  • Player: the default identity lookup for any segment. It looks up identities based on app-specific user IDs, in well-known tracker attribution properties. For example, if you are using AppsFlyer, this lookup configuration is set to first try the customer_user_id attribution property (for server-side integrations) or TROPHiT SDK's own userId property (for client-side integrations)

  • Device: looks up identities based on device IDs (IDFA, GAID, ANDROID_ID), in well-known tracker attribution properties

  • Pre-reg: looks up identities based on pre-install attribution properties, usually set during pre-registration campaigns, where users need to be uniquely identified before the install, without any available data about device or app-specific user IDs. For example, if you are using AppsFlyer, TROPHiT will first assume a user identity is provided in the af_sub5 attribution property, before looking for it in the customer_user_id property. It will also look for a similar identity on any activated deeplink. Learn more about pre-registration campaigns.

  • Custom: if, for some reason, you are identifying users in a proprietary way, you can build your own identity lookup using the supported identity lookup syntax



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