Customizing Identity Lookup

TROPHiT allows you to configure a custom identity lookup for your apps. Use this feature when TROPHiT's out-of-the-box lookup configuration is not suitable for your app or if it require some tweaking.

Important: Identity lookups support an advanced syntax you should get familiar with before making any changes.

There are two ways to customize identity lookups:

  • Change your app's default Player and Pre-reg identity lookups. Any segment using one of these lookups will be affected and identify users according to the custom configuration

  • Change the lookup configuration for a specific segment. This will not affect the app's default identity lookup configuration, and will only affect how vouchers associated to that segment identify users during redemption


To change your app's default Player and Pre-reg identity lookup configuration

In your app's Settings page, click Show Advanced Settings and change the Player and/or Pre-reg lookup configurations per selected tracker. For example:

Note changes you make here apply to any segment using the Player or Pre-reg lookup configurations. It will not affect segments that use their own custom lookup configuration, as described next.

To customize a specific segment's identity lookup

In your segment's Settings page, the easiest way is to first select one of the default lookup configuration, Player, Device or Pre-reg, and click Customize. This will effectively switch your segment's lookup configuration to Custom while copying the default settings as baseline any changes you might want to perform:

Alternatively, if you wish to build your own lookup configuration from scratch, simply select Custom from the Identity Lookup dropdown and write your own lookup configuration:


For any further questions or any assistance building your own lookup expressions, feel free to contact us.


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