Managing User Segments

You access your app's user segments through the User Segments sidebar menu or the User Segments action icon on your app's entry in the Apps page:

Every app on TROPHiT comes with three default segments:

  • Anyone: a segment that represents all users of your app.This segment does not require reservations. Note this special segment is called a built-in segment, which means you can't delete it or change its name or reservation requirements
  • Buyers: a segment that represents all users of your app who made a purchase. This segment does require reservations. This is also a built-in segment
  • Pre-reg: a segment that represents users who participate in a pre-registration campaign, if you plan on running one, that is. This segment requires reservations by default. It is not built-in, you can change or remove it as you like. Learn more about pre-registration campaigns.

You can add a new segment from the sidebar menu or the Add User Segment button on the User Segments page:



For each segment, you can define some settings, including its name, lookup mode and reservation requirements:

After saving it, you can then associate vouchers with it.



  • When adding a new segment, the default identity lookup setting is that of the Anyone segment. You can, of course, change it during segment creation
  • For built-in segments, you can only modify the identity lookup configuration
  • You cannot delete a segment that has vouchers associated with it. You should first un-associated the relevant vouchers listed at the top of the segment's Settings page:




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