Using Vouchers on Facebook Ads vs. Facebook Offers

TROPHiT allows vouchers to be attached to Facebook Ads as well as Facebook Offers. Here are the major differences between the usage over Facebook Ads vs. Facebook Offers:

  1. Display Unit: Facebook Offers are designed to convey added value, hence they allow a more suitable call-to-action like "Get Offer", "Claim", etc. Whereas for Facebook Ads, you need to mention this in the ad's title, description, etc. For example:

    Facebook_Freebies.png   Screen_Shot_2017-03-14_at_4.08.40_PM.png
    Left: Facebook Ad, right: Facebook Offer

  2. Pricing: Facebook Ads can be promoted for a fee to Facebook, based on CPM, CPC and CPI models. Facebook Offers can be created for free on the developer's own pages and can also be promoted using boosting or through ads. Boosting is somewhat similar to CPM, using a given budget to reach as many users as possible given some targeting criteria. Promoting a Facebook Offer through an ad is somewhat similar to CPC, where every time a user clicks on the offer's CTA button (aka "claim"), Facebook would charge a fee. Having said that, differences in ROI are campaign-specific and depend on the marketing activity at hand.

  3. Analytics: when using Facebook Ads, you can generally use both Facebook reports and your tracker reports in order to analyze the campaign results. For Facebook Offers, Facebook will measure views and clicks (aka "claims"), however, all install and post-install data will only be available on your tracker

  4. Use without TROPHiT: Facebook Offers are specifically designed to deliver added value to users. Using them to simply show a traditional "download now" ad on the developer's home page is technically possible but it's definitely not their intended use, and most likely users would not see the value in it. It is therefore recommended to use with only when TROPHiT is available to deliver actual added value to the user. Facebook Ads, however, are suitable for both traditional app promotions as well as TROPHiT vouchers





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