How do I integrate TROPHiT?

TROPHiT's one-time integration is designed to be a quick, self-service procedure and is usually performed solely on your app's server, in conjunction with some configuration on your tracker's dashboard.

  • Integration usually takes about a day including testing when using our dashboard's Integration Assistant, where you'll find step-by-step instructions and ready-to-deploy code. Check out our integration video tutorials which cover the Integration Assistant usage.
  • Once integration is complete, you can immediately start marketing vouchers through your tracker, as you do any other marketing campaign. Note there is no extra ad-click latency when using TROPHiT.
  • Upon receiving an appropriate event from your tracker, TROPHiT's integration module, deployed on your server, will automatically perform redemption of vouchers by coordinating all aspects of the redemption between your app's CRM, your tracker's attribution data, and TROPHiT's voucher system including its redemption controls, in real-time.
  • For some advanced integration scenarios, such as deployments or server-side runtimes that are not supported by the Integration Assistant, TROPHiT provides a full integration API reference guide so you can implement your own integration module.


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