Can I use TROPHiT for re-engagement campaigns?

Yes. If you run re-engagement campaigns in-house or through retargeting partners, you can make those campaigns better, using TROPHiT. Instead of engaging users with messages like "we miss you" and "we have a new update", you can now engage them with value - a voucher - specific to their needs. For example, non-paying users would receive a free gold pack to engage them closer to the point of payment, "whales" would receive an exclusive gem pack with high monetary value, people frustrated at level 80 would receive a piece of a treasure map to help complete the level, and so on.

Consider all the BI work you've invested in segmenting your users... What's the point in spending all that effort and later just sending everyone a similar retargeting message? By offering different vouchers to different user segments, suitable for their exact needs, you can significantly increase user engagement and LTV.

Check out this story to learn more.



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