TROPHiT v2.2 Released

We're proud to launch TROPHiT 2.2!

  • Simplified app setup: no need to copy-paste links from your tracking provider to TROPHiT
  • Simplified voucher setup: TROPHiT no longer requires that you generate alternative links
  • Enhanced voucher analytics: better integration with tracking provider dashboards to allow more seamless analytics for vouchers
  • AD-X Support
  • Adjust, AppsFlyer client-side iOS code in the Integration Assistant
  • Anonymous Vouchers, in compliance with Facebook's Data User Terms for Advanced Mobile App Measurement
  • New setup and integration tutorials
  • Visual dashboard improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Actions required by existing TROPHiT customers:

  • You App Settings page now includes the name of your tracking provider. This has been automatically filled for you as part of the upgrade to v2.2.

  • If you already set up an app with tracking links, they are still applicable, however, you are required to go to your voucher detail page and follow the instructions on how to generate new links through your tracking provider dashboard, and deliver the new links to your media partners by Aug 15 2014.

  • Open your Integration Assistant and follow the last step in the list - the changes you need to make in your tracking provider dashboard configuration, regarding your web service URL.

  • Also, using your Integration Assistant, download the newest AttributionHandler class and update your web service code accordingly.

  • As always, contact our support in case you need any assistance


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