TROPHiT compared to in-house solutions

"For most developers, marketing is really almost a second thought. Having a 3rd party solution that’s easily implemented is a big deal"

- Kenneth Mei, GREE


If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself “why can’t I build this myself?” or “aren’t I already doing this on my own?”.

TROPHiT was conceived after recognizing the challenges faced by gaming companies, attempting to have even a basic problem-specific in-house solution for pre-registration gifts, Xmas bonus for UA campaigns, etc. Our research has shown that while there are many challenges in building an in-house solution, another overlooked & formidable challenge is operating one. Our goal is to provide a solution that would address both.

As a rule of thumb, TROPHiT is designed to require 0.1% dev effort and 99.9% marketing effort throughout its deployment, long term. From our experience, it takes around 1 man day to integrate, after which it can be 100%-operated by a marketing team via a comprehensive dashboard and free support, on-the-fly A/B testing and optimization. You even have the option of letting your external marketing partners securely operate it for you while incurring the cost of the service (learn more).

In our constant research of the mobile gaming industry, we have yet to encounter a comprehensive in-house solution that has a 0.1%:99.9% tech:marketing effort ratio. Usually, the tech team sets things up with the marketing team, they run a short test, and then the marketing team re-contacts the tech team for adjustments, which take a long time to implement for the next iteration, making the campaign irrelevant and fast optimization impossible. We have also yet to encounter an in-house solution that can be 100%-operated professionally by external marketing teams - transferring all cost-of-operation to them. We truly see TROPHiT has unique value.

If you are considering building and operating an in-house solution, we highly recommend you learn more about VDM potential - things you can do with TROPHiT today and in the future - so you have a clear view of the value TROPHiT brings and would continue to bring long term, as we lead and aggressively evolve Mobile VDM.

If you already have an in-house solution, we recommend you learn more about TROPHiT and ask us questions. Our goal is to help you get better value for your money.

For more details, check out our highlights, comparing TROPHiT with various in-house solutions, based on real-world game developer feedback and our market research.



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