Re-engagement Considerations

TROPHiT works closely with the world's leading tracking providers in order to correctly and securely process attribution data as part of the redemption process of every voucher. Therefore, the availability and feature set of re-engagement using TROPHiT vouchers partly depends on the re-engagement availability and feature set of the app's tracking and attribution provider. The more extensive the tracker features are, the more compatible it is with TROPHiT.

If, for example, whenever a re-engagement occurs, the tracker is capable of providing attribution information to the app's server (callback, postback, etc), then TROPHiT would be able to perform redemption using server-side integration. If, on the contrary, re-engagement attribution data is only made available by the tracker to the app's client, then TROPHiT would be able to perform redemption using client-side integration. Finally, if a tracker is completely unable to provide attribution data to either client- or server-side parts of the app, TROPHiT still provides a client-side solution that relies strictly on deep links rather than any tracker.

We recommend you check out our Support Matrix, to determine, for your tracker, which re-engagement capability is available with every TROPHiT integration type: client-side per-platform, server-side, etc. Feel free to contact us for any further questions regarding specific scenarios.



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