TROPHiT Android SDK v2.3 Released

TROPHiT Android SDK v2.3 has been released and is available through the Integration Assistant in your TROPHiT dashboard.

Major updates include:

  • Native Android SDK support for clients
  • Voucher redemption on Android via deep links for MobileAppTracking, AppsFlyer, Adjust, AD-X, Facebook App Re-engagement campaigns and internal trackers
  • Extended redemption lifecycle control through an enhanced listener
  • Auto-handling of threads

To upgrade your TROPHiT SDK to v2.3, note the following changes. Please access your TROPHiT Integration Assistant for more details and examples:

  • onResume() should now call AttributionHandler methods directly rather than wrap the call in an AsyncTask object. Those methods will handle threads internally.
  • onResume() should now call redeemForDeepLink as well as redeemForInstalReferrer
  • Your TROPHiT's EnableContentListener must implement the additional onTrophitRedeemComplete and onTrophitRedeemFailed methods.


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