TROPHiT v2.4 Supports Bundle Vouchers

TROPHiT 2.4 has been released!

Apart from some minor bug fixes, v2.4 now allows you to create Bundle Vouchers

These are essentially regular vouchers, that are composed of multiple items, which are redeemed collectively in a single redemption operation (same cost, too!). For example, a single Bundle Voucher might represent a user's entire starter pack, such as 200 gold, a sword and a shield. As the user installs your app for the first time and automatically redeems a bundle voucher, they receive every item listed on the voucher. In fact, you can use such vouchers to completely configure your users' starter packs, based on which ad campaign they originated from.

Upgrade Instructions for Existing Clients:

  • We recommend refreshing your dashboard page in the browser before editing your vouchers due to potential caching your browser may have performed

  • You should modify your content-enablement function in your client-side or server-side code to support Bundle vouchers, review your TROPHiT Integration Assistant page for details. For example, PHP code that currently processes $voucher->type and $voucher->quantity, should instead iterate through the $voucher->values array and process each $value->type and $value->quantity properties.

  • Note that integration code that is not upgraded to support bundles, will still support regular vouchers as before, and will treat Bundle Vouchers as regular vouchers whose value is the first item in the bundle. Any subsequent items listed in the Bundle voucher after the first one will be ignored until the code is upgraded to support bundles.



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