How Do I Manage My Account's Users?

When you sign up to TROPHiT, you become a manager of your account, which means you can perform any action within the account. TROPHiT provides you with user management capabilities, so that you could invite others to access your account and perform certain actions. For example, you might be a marketing manager, in charge of setting up vouchers, however, you would like to have your tech team access your TROPHiT account in order to get integration instructions and perform testing by setting up test vouchers, etc.

To manage your account's users, go to the Account Users sidebar menu.

  • To invite a new user: click 'Invite User' and follow the instructions. Currently, TROPHiT supports the following roles for new users:

    • Technical: a technical person, in charge of integrating with TROPHiT. This role grants a user access to all dashboard pages, except for the User Management page. Also, users with this role cannot change any information in the Account Settings page - only view them.

    • Manager: another account manager, like yourself, with full access to your account. A manager may also manage users for your account, including the ability to revoke access to any other user of the account.

    • Operator: a person in charge of operating vouchers for existing apps. An operator cannot access integration or other tech-related settings. There are two types of operators:
      • If the operator is a TROPHiT VDM Partner (VDMP), a "VDMP" icon appears next to their role in the users list. A VDMP operator can only operate vouchers they create by themselves as well as observe their redemptions in the reports. They cannot manage any other vouchers or see their redemptions in the reports
      • If the operator is not a VDMP (i.e. does not have a respective icon next to its role), they can operate any voucher in the account.

  • To revoke access to an existing user: click 'Revoke' next to the desired user.
  • To delegate the management role of an account to someone else (for example, because the former manager moved to a different position):

    • The former manager should invite the new user with a role of "manager"
    • The new manager should revoke access to the old manager

Special considerations:

  • If a user with the same email is invited to more than one account, they can switch between accounts through the Account->Change menu.
  • A VDMP can only add managers or operators to their own account. A manager can access all vouchers by the entire VDMP team, while an operator can only access vouchers in accounts he was specifically invited to operate



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