TROPHiT v2.4.1: Virtual Item Dictionary support

TROPHiT v2.4.1 has been released!

Apart from some minor bug fixes, TROPHiT now supports Virtual Item Dictionaries under every app's Settings page. Simply import the technical identifiers (e.g. "12345") of each supported virtual item into TROPHiT from your technical team and quickly assign easy-to-read names for each one. This makes the task of managing multiple vouchers much easier and readable.

Upgrade instructions for existing customers:

  • Ensure you refresh your browser when reaching the app Settings page, as it may have cached versions of the TROPHiT dashboard.

  • If you already have vouchers set up in TROPHiT, all of their existing item types have been imported into the dictionary. By default, their display name and technical names are the same. We recommend you visit your app's Setting page, review the display names of your virtual item types and modify them as you like, to something your marketing team best understands.

  • There is no integration impact. However, each virtual item display name is now available in the redemption API response JSON under value->displayName. Review your TROPHiT Integration Assistant for more details.



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