TROPHIT 2.5.7 Extends AD-X and Adjust support

TROPHiT 2.5.7 has been released! Apart from bug fixes, it contains the following major enhancements:

  • Adjust customers who are using TROPHiT's server-side integration, can now use vouchers in re-engagement campaigns, using Adjust's reattribution features.

  • AD-X customers can now use TROPHiT client-side integration on iOS, to redeem vouchers from both Facebook and non-Facebook campaigns

  • AD-X customers who are using TROPHiT client-side integration on Android, can now also redeem vouchers from Facebook campaigns

Impact on existing customers:

  • AD-X customers who are using TROPHiT client-side integration on Android should update their implementation based on the new instructions in the TROPHiT Integration Assistant. In summary: the redeemForInstallReferrer method is now replaced by a dedicated redeemForAdx method. While the redeemForInstallReferrer method will still work for non-Facebook campaigns, we recommend switching to the new method in order to support both Facebook and non-Facebook campaigns. Note that, according to AD-X SDK docs, the new method may delay redemption by around 5 seconds, as it takes some time to retrieve referral data from AD-X.


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