TROPHiT 2.6 Released: Redemption Tracking

TROPHiT 2.6 has been released! Apart from minor bug fixes, here are the version's highlights: 

  • Redemption tracking: Initially for Adjust customers only, the TROPHiT Integration Assistant now contains instructions on how to relay redemption events to non-TROPHiT systems, such as Adjust and media partners. Should you choose to use this feature, you must upgrade your integration code and perform any additional steps, as described in your TROPHiT Integration Assistant. Future TROPHiT versions will gradually provide this feature for customers of other tracking providers as well. Here are the change highlights:

    • Initially, set up a custom trophit_voucher_redeemed event in your Adjust dashboard

    • Server-side integrations:
      • Add the &timezone={timezone} parameter to your Adjust callback in your Adjust dashboard under Events->your app->Install, Reattribution events
      • Before calling redeemForAdjust, set autoRedemptionTracking to true (Python: auto_redemption_tracking), as well as configure some Adjust-specific details.
    • Client-side integrations: All SDKs now support a new handler for when redemption is complete. You can now use it to call Adjust's event-tracking facility to track the redemption:
      • iOS
        • redeemForDeepLink:withMethod:success:failure: is now deprecated. use redeemForDeepLink:withMethod:enable:complete:failure: instead. The enable block replaces the former success block, used to enable content. The new complete block is fired immediately after the redemption process is complete.
        • redeemForAdjustWithMethod:responseDictionary:success:failure: is now deprecated. Use redeemForAdjustWithMethod:responseDictionary:enable:complete:failure: instead.
        • Use [Adjust trackEvent:...] to track the redemption event
      • Android: EnableContentListener.onTrophitRedeemComplete has changed its parameters to (List<String> redeemedVoucherCodes). You can still access the old app and device values in the EnableContentListener.enableTrophitContent method if you need them.
      • Unity: Implement ContentListener.redeemComplete method
  • Python PEP8 compliance: The Python server-side integration code is now PEP8-compliant, all redeemForXXX methods have been renamed to redeem_for_xxx

Impact on existing customers:

  • Server-side integrations: no impact
  • Client-side integrations: no impact, however, upgrade is highly recommended as the old integration code may be deprecated in the future. See the list of changes above
  • Important: If you are using a modified version of the TROPHiT open-source integration code or SDKs, server-side or client-side, we recommend running a diff and manually merge changes or contact your account manager for assistance.


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