How reliable is TROPHiT technology?

TROPHiT is a Software-as-a-Service, operating over highly-available, highly-scalable enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Once the attribution data is delivered to the advertiser from the tracker, there is a near-zero probability that TROPHiT services will fail to communicate with their caller.

About the reliability of the tracker itself and its ability to deliver the attribution data to the advertiser in the first place, this changes from tracker to tracker, from OS to OS, from one ad network to another. To guarantee near-zero failures on the tracker end, here are some considerations:
  • On Android Google Play, there are near zero failures as Google powers and facilitates a highly-reliable attribution infrastructure (aka install referral), used by all leading tracking providers

  • On iOS, any ad networks that deliver a device Id (IDFA or GAID) to the tracker would result in near zero attribution failures. Other media sources that do not deliver such information are also unlikely to fail attribution, as trackers use other means to attribute the installation, known collectively as "device fingerprinting". Usually, the shorter the time period between the click and install, the more likely fingerprinting will succeed



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