TROPHiT 2.7.5: Enhanced support for MobileAppTracking (by Tune)

TROPHiT 2.7.5 has been released! Here are the version highlights:

  • New: server-side redemption support for MAT re-engagement campaigns, for both iOS and Android
  • New: client-side redemption support for MAT UA campaigns on iOS.

To perform server-side voucher redemption for MAT re-engagement campaigns:

  1. When setting up the re-engagement campaign, add &trophit_ref=<your voucher's TRC> to your campaign's deep link URL 
  2. Setup an additional re-engagement-only postback, similar to the first one, only this time for the "open" event. This postback will fire upon re-engagement, exactly like the original install postback you already have in place.

To perform client-side redemption support for MAT UA campaigns on iOS:

  1. When setting up a UA campaign, ensure a deep link URL is defined for the campaign, e.g. myapp://?trophit_ref=<your voucher's TRC>
  2. Implement TROPHiT's integration code into MAT's Deferred Deep Linking code methods

Review the Voucher Editor and Integration Assistant pages in your TROPHiT dashboard for more details.

Impact on existing customers: none


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