TROPHiT 2.7.11: Unity 5.x support, Adjust Unity 4.x support and more

TROPHiT v2.7.11 has been released and contains some great improvements as well as minor bug fixes:


TROPHiT Unity3D SDK 2.7.11 has been released and contains some great improvements:

  • TROPHiT Unity SDK now supports Unity 5.x (4.x is deprecated)
  • TROPHiT Unity SDK now supports redemption (new users and re-engagement) on Android for Adjust users & certified for the latest Adjust Unity SDK v4.x
  • In TROPHiT Unity SDK, there is no longer a need to manually add a redeemForDeepLink call to your openURL application controller method on iOS (TROPHiT's SDK will handle this automatically now)
  • In TROPHiT Unity SDK, Trophit.cs script can now be attached to game objects other than "Trophit" for better control of execution order
  • Adx support has been deprecated on all SDKs and S2S integration modules
  • Bugfix: TROPHiT Android SDK did not collect GAID correctly in some cases for Adjust customers
  • Bugfix: TROPHiT Android/iOS/Unity SDKs failed to redeem for Kochava customers. The fix has no impact on Kochava customers and does not require TROPHiT SDK redeployment

Impact on existing customers:

  • If you decide to upgrade TROPHiT Unity SDK:
    - Remove the redeemForDeepLink call from your openURL application delegate method on iOS
    - Note: if you upgraded your Unity projects from Unity 4.x to Unity 5.x, make sure you implement AppController_SendNotificationWithArg(kUnityOnOpenURL, notifData) in your app controller's openURL method (simply copy-paste the default code from new Unity 5.x projects)
  • TROPHiT Android SDK for Adjust customers: an upgrade to v2.7.11 is recommended (but not required). There is no impact on customers who are using the S2S integration module for Adjust.



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