Does my app correctly track my custom user ID with TUNE?

When using TROPHiT with custom user IDs, as described in the Advanced Scenarios in the Integration Reference, you need to ensure Tune correctly collects your custom user IDs, usually as part of your app's user-registration (i.e. first time login) event. To do so, verify Tune's registration event report contains a valid custom user ID for all your app's registration events. Here's an example of how to generate such a report:

  1. Go to your Tune's Reporting -> Logs -> Events tag, set a reasonable (1-2 week) period and click Edit:

  2. Check the User ID column and filter by Event:


  3. Type in your registration event and click Add:

  4. Ensure you select all relevant media partners in the report (those who participated in your recent campaigns)

  5. Finally, apply and generate the report. Look at the resulting User ID column - make sure every registration entry has a valid user ID.

If none or some of the entries should have a User ID but it is empty, it is possible that your app invokes the setUserId method of Tune's SDK after (or in parallel) to tracking the registration event. You should ensure that method is called prior to tracking the event.


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