TROPHiT v2.8: Meet our awesome 2016 dashboard

TROPHiT v2.8 has been released with a hot new 2016-ready dashboard - streamlined, assistive, tablet-friendly, with great new features, video tutorials, reports and more. Let's have a quick tour, shall we?

Let's start with your new apps page, the portal to your TROPHiT ecosystem:


Yet, now, there's another cool & easy way to navigate... Meet our OmniSearch at the top of your screen: type in anything: app names, VI names, voucher TRCs, even names of other accounts you can access - we'll find it and let you jump right to it. Trust us, it'll be your new best friend before you know it.


All of our video tutorials have been updated for the new dashboard, check them out by clicking on the image below:


Now, let's introduce the Left Sidebar: no matter where you are inside TROPHiT, the sidebar lets you navigate between your vouchers, current app settings, reports or your account or profile configuration - with a single click:


Next, take a look at the new reports, now separated for apps and vouchers, with a single time period control for easy cross-reference, along with powerful filters for each report:


We also have a neat integration improvement for AppsFlyer customers: the latest v2.8 server-side integration modules for PHP, Java, Python and C# all have the ability to ignore all AppsFlyer events but the ones you need for TROPHiT, by configuring the relevant event name or names (set to "install" by default) with just one extra line of server code. Check your new Integration Assistant page for the technical details.


Oh, and one more thing: if you're looking for the Duplicate App and Duplicate Voucher buttons, they are available on the sidebar as well as in every voucher's Settings tab and every app's General settings tab:



We hope you enjoyed the tour around your new TROPHiT ecosystem as much as we had fun launching it :) As always, if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us! You can also submit a support request from the new dashboard's Help menu.


Happy new year,

The TROPHiT Team



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