How can a VDM partner publish a success story on TROPHiT?

Publishing a success story is easy, and is the best way for you to be introduced to all of TROPHiT's game publishing partners. All you need to do as an official VDM Partner is provide the following resources to your TROPHiT account manager, in English:

  • App name
  • Promoted app image: landscape, 960x540, JPG, no logo, as little text as possible. Note: For best results, ensure the middle 320 image lines contain the main content (i.e. excluding the 110 top and 110 bottom lines), as TROPHiT's website is responsive and displays the image in various layouts
  • Partner logo: landscape, 300 width, 40-100 height, transparent PNG, optimized for dark/black background
  • Game publisher logo: landscape, 300 width, 40-100 height, transparent PNG, optimized for dark/black background
  • Optional (but highly recommended) Testimonial:
    • Game publisher contact person photo/illustration: 200x200 JPG/PNG
    • Quote, up to 200 characters
  • Story title, e.g. "App XYZ LTV up 50%"
  • The challenge: what were the goals that needed to be achieved, what problem needed to be solved, etc. For example: "Improve ROI for tier-2 countries in the months following the game's soft-launch"
  • The solution: what special decision or action was taken, which eventually led to the completion of the challenge? For example: "The partner set up multiple vouchers and had their creatives A/B tested on multiple sources for two weeks, before converging on two best-performing vouchers, which yielded the best consistent user quality"
  • Sample marketing creative (optional and recommended): landscape, 960x540, JPG. Will be displayed as part of the solution in the story
  • The result: what were the resulting statistics, preferably compared to traditional results? For example: "While CPI remained almost the same through skilled creative A/B testing, user LTV was improved significantly, between +40% and +200% in various GEOs, compared to traditional app promotion with similar targeting and source selection"
  • TROPHiT's contribution: in your words, how did TROPHiT's technology contribute to the operational effort and results?
  • Result chart (optional): landscape, 960x540 JPG, a chart showing comparison statistics as part of the description of the result. If needed, you may also add a short description of the chart, which will appear underneath the chart (up to 100 characters)
  • Source (optional): a link to an external web source you own, which describes your service or the success story in more detail



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