How does a VDM partner brand their own VDM services after joining the program?

The benefit of being a VDM Partner is that you now have TROPHiT's technology to power your own VDM services, which you offer as part of your usual portfolio to your advertisers.

Here are some examples of how you could "brand" your own VDM services:

  • If you offer YouTube reviews for games, you can now extend it to offer "Influencer bonus campaigns"
  • If your current services includes email-acquisition service, you can now extend it to a "pre-registration bonus service" for mobile games
  • If your current services include CPI campaigns for app promotion, you can now extend it to a "gift campaign service for apps" (or any other name you might call it)

Check out more known VDM services to see which ones are a better fit for you.

We also provide you with an official VDMP Badge as well as other resources like success stories, to accompany your branded marketing material. For more details, check out our brand guidelines.



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