TROPHiT v3.0.0: The VDMP Program

We are proud to announce a major new release, TROPHiT v3, which represents a new way to operate TROPHiT as well as a new optional pricing model for new or existing customers:

The Value-Driven Marketing Partner (VDMP) Program:
Over the past few months, we have been researching for ways to allow game developers and their media partners to improve collaboration around Value-Driven Marketing (VDM) activity through TROPHiT. The VDMP Program is the solution. Here are the highlights of the program:

  • Performance Marketing experts, like performance ad networks and agencies, can now become a VDMP: brand their own fully-managed VDM services, receive TROPHiT and VDM training and operate vouchers on behalf of their advertisers, on the TROPHiT platform
  • It allows advertisers who are already integrated with TROPHiT to discover success stories of such media experts and invite them to collaborate on the TROPHiT platform, granting them permissions to operate vouchers on their behalf
  • It allows advertisers who have trusted media partners to invite them to join the program and receive full knowledge and training about TROPHiT and VDM in general
  • Advertisers do not pay TROPHiT for redemptions of vouchers that are operated by a VDMP
  • VDMPs who are granted access to an advertiser account on TROPHiT can create, manage and analyze their own vouchers for that advertisers (but not other vouchers)
  • Advertisers can observe and manage all of their vouchers, whether they are self-managed or operated by a VDMP

For more details, check out our official VDMP Program page and FAQ


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