How do VDM partners get introduced to more game publishers through the VDMP Program?

Being an unbiased technology platform, TROPHiT's commitment to its gaming publishers is to always keep the VDMP Program based purely on performance and results. Therefore, as a VDM Partner, your success is shared with all of TROPHiT's game publishing partners in the following ways:

  • Featuring the most recent success stories on TROPHiT's home page and Success Stories page, newsletter to its game publishing partners and other marketing activities in various channels
  • Listing the other less recent success stories on TROPHiT's Success Stories page and newsletter (following the featured stories)
  • Linking any published success story page to your branded marketing material (if available)
  • Showing your status (Partner, Gold Partner, etc), join date and number of case studies on any of your stories
  • If you are a newly-joined VDM partner with no success stories yet: have your name listed on TROPHiT's Success Stories page and newsletter (following the success stories)

Game publishing partners can then decide which VDM partner they wish to contact, based on how they relate to each published story and respective results.

Note: Game publishers will not accept any specific intro emails from TROPHiT.

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