TROPHiT v3.0.3: VDMP Program Extended to Self-Service/SaaS Marketing Platforms

TROPHiT v3.0.3 has been released, extending the reach of the VDMP program to SaaS/self-service marketing platforms.

Before v3.0.3, the VDMP program and TROPHiT dashboard seamlessly supported fully-managed marketing services, that wish to brand their own VDM services and operate it on behalf of their advertisers. The benefit to advertisers is that they do not pay TROPHiT for any voucher activity operated by partners who join the VDMP program.

Starting v3.0.3, the same process is now also seamless for SaaS/self-service marketing platforms: such service can now join the program as well; advertisers can still operate vouchers on their own (because their marketing partner is self-service as well), assign those vouchers to the SaaS/self-service marketing platform, and run their campaigns as usual, without paying TROPHiT.

For more information on how to manually assign a voucher or a redemption control group to a VDMP, click here



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