How does a VDM partner start operating TROPHiT for its advertisers?

The steps are simple:

  1. From your Apps page in the TROPHiT dashboard, click Request Account:

  2. Fill in the client's name and the client's contact to invite, as the manager of the new account:

  3. The client's contact will receive an invitation email. Once he approves it and completes the signup to TROPHiT as the new account's manager, you will be notified and immediately be granted Operator permissions on the new account.

  4. Note: As an alternative to all above steps, a client can also manually invite you to operate their existing account by going to their Account Users menu, clicking Invite User, and specifying your existing TROPHiT email while choosing the Operator role:

  5. You can then contact the advertiser to start helping them set up their first app. Once it's time for integration, contact us and let us know, so we can get involved as needed

Special considerations:

  • If you request access to a client account that already exists, that account's current manager will first approve your request
  • If the client's contact you specified is already associated to the account, their permissions will not change as part of the approval process (i.e. they will not automatically receive Manager permissions if they already have a different set of permissions)




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