Who can become a Value-Driven Marketing Partner (VDMP)?

Anyone can apply to the VDMP program, however, the program does not automatically benefit anyone who joins. The program is not yet-another marketing service index. Only those who are committed to showing results for their own customers, would really make the most of the program and gain a technological advantage, as the program is designed to be result-oriented. Consider the following important attributes if you wish to join, before starting your onboarding process.

  • Trusted Direct Contracts: you have direct & trusted relationship with app owners as your advertisers ("app owners" being the legal entity with the right to make changes to an app's code and to make that app available on the Apple AppStore, Google Play, etc), accompanied by direct marketing contracts with them

  • ROI-driven Performance: you are aiming for quality KPIs for your advertisers (ROI, LTV, retention, etc), regardless of the pricing model (CPM/C/L/V/I/A/E)

  • Creative Control: within the context of your performance traffic, you are capable of distributing specialized creatives to end users which describe the actual value offered to them. Using default creatives (e.g. images from the app store) is not enough. It is imperative that you have control over what creatives end users see. If only some of your ad publishers can give you that control - make sure you have the ability to select those publishers only, when running VDM campaigns

  • Games/Entertainment/Dating/Travel - advantage: Historically, we have had the most experiece with these marketing verticals which are therefore a priority. However, VDM applies to almost every app, so you are welcome to use it for any other verticals like mCommerse, Utilities, etc



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