TROPHiT v3.0.4: Voucher Reservations

TROPHiT v3.0.4 has been released! Apart from some bug fixes, here are the version's highlights:

  • Voucher Reservations: allows limiting a voucher to particular custom player IDs or device IDs. It's a great way to give away user-exclusive vouchers during retargetin and pre-registration campaigns. Learn more.

  • Random TROPHiT Reference Codes (TRCs): as of this version, all new vouchers will have a random TRC, making it unlikely to predict. There is no impact on existing integrations - TRCs still adhere to the trophit_cmp_<number> format

  • Pre-/Post-Registration campaign guides: There are various considerations for pre-reg or post-reg campaigns, depending on the tracker you are using. We explain everything you need to know about registration campaigns and how TROPHiT supports your needs. Check out the guides.



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