How to "stop" a voucher?

There are several ways to "stop" a voucher, depending on what you are trying to achieve:

  • Redirect all tracking links related to that voucher (if your tracker supports it). The advantage is that if users click on the offer after a designated date, they are not redirected to the appstore/app, but rather to some other landing page explaining the offer has expired. This allows you to avoid paying CPI/CPA for this traffic to your 3rd party marketing services as well as to avoid unexpected redemptions. However, this requires you to set up an alternative landing page for such occasions and doesn't prevent CPC/CPM payments for the related marketing campaigns.

  • Stop all impressions/clicks related to that voucher. The advantage in this approach is that as long as people are exposed to a voucher, they have the fair opportunity to claim it. However, like any marketing campaign, especially if 3rd party marketing services are distributing it, stopping it does not happen immediately and you may see more redemptions while the campaign is brought to a halt. If you campaign has specific start/end dates, you may consider setting the voucher's expiration date to a few days past the end date while mentioning the final redemption date on your offer. This could give a good balance between unexpected impressions and unexpected redemptions.

  • Archive the voucher as a last resort. The advantage is that you only need to set this once in the TROPHiT dashboard, no matter how many links or impressions are related to that voucher. However, if impressions/links are still active for that voucher, end users will realize that they cannot redeem the voucher only after installing the app, which is not considered good UX. Read more about voucher-archiving here



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