How can I see TROPHiT in action?

It just so happens that we have an Android (v4.0.3+) demo app. It allows you to experience the basic behavior of TROPHiT. Imagine the following links represent two separate marketing campaigns. Click on either one from your mobile device to download our demo app, Monster World, and observe how the appropriate bonus awaits you inside:

Important: What you are seeing can be done without app code changes, unlike some deeplink-based mechanisms. All you need is your tracking SDK and TROPHiT's server-side integration. After that, your marketing team handles all voucher management themselves, no constant tech team involvement.
Note these links are also re-engagement-enabled, use them even after the app is installed. In order to allow repeated tests, these two vouchers are set to have no redemption limits. It is highly recommended to enforce redemption limits in production, of course.


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