What is a "redemption" of a TROPHiT voucher?

A redemption of a voucher is the completed process of granting an end-user the virtual items of that voucher via the TROPHiT integration.

There are various "triggers" to a redemption:

  1. For User Acquisition (UA) campaigns, wait for the end-user's account to be created shortly after install (or for the user to complete a game tutorial, for example), after which the redemption process begins, and ends within a few seconds
  2. For retargeting campaigns, redemption usually occurs as soon as the user reactivates the app through the retargeting campaign's deep link
  3. The advertiser may choose alternative redemption triggers, e.g. for UA, they might decide to wait for a certain game level to be completed. In some cases, it is possible to trigger a redemption at install-time, however, these cases are rare, as the app is usually not initialized at this point in its lifecycle.

A redemption is considered complete once it is marked as such during the redemption process, depending on the method used to perform the redemption.

A redemption attempt that failed due to any reason, such as an expired voucher, a voucher that exceeded redemption limits, technical integration issues that prevent the redemption from completing and so on, is not considered completed.

Note: only completed redemptions are eligible for payment


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