TROPHiT v3.0.6: New dashboard controls for app-specific user IDs

TROPHiT v3.0.6 has been released! Apart from minor bug fixes, here are the version's highlights:

  • To instruct TROPHiT to identify your users based on their app-specific IDs, you can now simply enable app-specific user IDs in your app's Settings page in your dashboard, under "Advanced Settings" and TROPHiT will already provide you with sensible defaults. For example:

    Note: the previous way to perform this is still supported. If you still use trophit_userid or appsflyerUserIdProperty, these still take precedence over the settings above and automatically enable app-specific user IDs.

  • The above feature is now also supported for client-side integrations on Android, iOS and Unity. See your app's Integration page for details. Note the Android SDK has a new setup method which receives a Context first parameter, required to support this. Existing customers should switch to the new setup method in order to support app-specific user ID redemptions when using the Android SDK.

  • Vouchers now need to be marked as Reserved in their Settings page in order to allow their redemption for selected user IDs only:


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