How to archive vouchers?

Sometimes you experiment with more vouchers than you eventually need in production. Sometimes, old vouchers performed great, but as your game evolves, new vouchers make more sense as your VI catalog becomes more complex and it's time to introduce new vouchers. In such cases, you would usually not want to keep unneeded vouchers active, let alone see them in your app's voucher list. For these reasons, you can archive your vouchers.

Important: archiving a voucher as means to "stop" its distribution should be done only as a last resort. Read more about how to properly "stop" a voucher here.

To archive your voucher, making it non-redeemable (don't worry, you will be prompted to confirm this), either select the Archive action from your app's voucher list on the TROPHiT dashboard:

Or click the  button from your voucher's Settings tab:


By default, archived vouchers no longer appear on your app's voucher page. However, you can toggle between showing and hiding archived vouchers using the  and  buttons. Archived vouchers appear grayed out on the voucher table, for example:

Currently-archived vouchers also have a different icon in the voucher's page, search results and reports:

Finally, you can unarchive a currently-archived voucher, using the Unarchive action from your app's voucher list on the TROPHiT dashboard:

Or click the  button from your voucher's Settings tab:

Other notes:

  • When duplicating an app, archived vouchers are not copied
  • When a VDMP is revoked access to a Developer's account, both archived and non-archived vouchers operated by that VDMP are transferred to the developer, making them self-operated


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